Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are an Oi client with at least one of these plans: Oi WiFi (VEX), Velox, Oi Velox 3G over 250MB, Oi Dados over 500MB, Oi Conta Total or any of the Oi Smartphone plans, Oi WiFi access is free and unlimited. Voucher purchase is offered for further clients. Free access is granted at specific Oi WiFi hotspots location.
You must use your cell phone number with the area code, such as login and password registered. If you have not registered a password, enter the CPF compatible with number Oi informed. For other users, the login and password will be set at registration service.
You still access as usual and join Brazil's largest WiFi network. When accessing an Oi WiFi hotspot choose your provider at login area and use the same login and password registered before.
A map containing all Oi WiFi Hostspots is available in
Any device enabled for Wi-Fi: Notebook, smartphone, netbook, tablet, etc.
In own portal registry Oi WiFi, which opens automatically when you access the network.
The options change depending on your location. Check the captive portal options available.
You can pay by credit card.
With the app, you can connect with more speed, safety and agility whenever you are in a coverage area. The application also provides a map of hotspots, allowing to query list of access points in order of proximity using the GPS feature of your phone. Currently it is available for smartphones and tablets Android and iOS and can be downloaded directly from Google Play at link: or App Store at the link: Comming soon for Blackberry.
No. The minutes / hours are counted race. Once active, there is no way to stop the countdown and "keep" the balance for later use. WARNING: The 5 days package consists of five passes to 1 day. The moment you start using the service, only one of these is activated. The other should be activated manually as desired. Passes can be used within one year after the date of purchase at any Oi WiFi hotspot, Fon or Fon network around the world.
If you have not activated your voucher, you can use it for up to one year from the date of purchase.
No. The timing is continues and begins from the moment you logged.
No, just close the browser window. If the client is idle for 15 minutes, the application will automatically logout.
You just need to close the browser screen, or click the "disconnect" on the screen of the portal Oi WiFi. If you plan to go to another hotspot in less than fifteen minutes is important that you log out, but there is no possibility to connect with the same sign in two devices at same time.
This problem can happen because your modem is not able to receive the Fon network or have been reconfigured. To know exactly which reason applies to you and how you can fix it, please contact the call center Oi WiFi: 0800 643 0328.